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   Shenzhen Marine Diving Engineering Co., Ltd.  was founded in ShenZhen.P.R.China in 2005. MDE engaged in professional offshore engineering service and is a subsidiary of ShenZhen Jutal Machinery Equipment Co,.LTD.,Our Company has a registered capital of 10 million and existing fixed assets of more than 10Million RMB,the office area is more than 400 square metets and warehouse area of 2000 square meters.

   Our Company,s main scope of services:underwater cutting,welding,surface cleaning,anti-corrosive coating,installation and maintenance,survey of pipeline,non-destructive testing(underwater still photography,underwater video/CCTV.underwater potential difference testing,underwater magnetic particle inspection,underwater thickness measurement,ACFM inspection) of offshore engineering structure;and we can also carry out hull inspection,underwater salvage services.We can provide professional offshore engineering technology consulting services to the requirements of customers.

     There are operators,divers and inspectors are qualified who have experience in offshore oil engineering service industry in our company,including HSE management personnel who hold national certified safety engineer,s qualification certificate,our professional management staff have more than 20 years of offshore operation and mmanagement experience,including 5 diving supervisors;5 diving doctors;4 Diving life support technicians;12 Divers;10 Underwater inspectors;2 Underwater welding divers.

    Most of our equipment are imported from The United States,Japan,The UK,and we have established a complete equipment maintenance,calibration in accordance to regulations and plan,so that our equipment can be used for all engineering projects and meet rhe technical standards of classification socirty and satisfy the requirement of the customer service. 

    MDE have obtained CCSC quality & occupational health & safety & environment management system certification for Domestic &International management standards.We are certified by International Association of Diving Contractors(ADCI),China Classification Society(CCS),China Diving &Salvage Contracts Association,CNOOC for underwater engineering services.

     Finally,We will always commit ourself to be constantly innovative and enterprising in the process of production and service implementation.At the same time provide professional,high quality,high efficiency,safety and environmental services and create excellent QHSE management performance for all customers.

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